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An integrative, multisystem approach to health and wellness and life without pain

Often the area of pain is NOT the primary problem area.

Throughout our lifetimes, we all accumulate various insults and injuries to our bodies…childhood falls, car accidents, illnesses. Most of our bodies do quite well with accommodating these insults to keep us moving and functioning in the short term. However, there comes a point when the body can no longer accommodate the accumulation of stresses and strains. Add one more stress or injury, and we create the perfect storm for new pain or illness to present and not resolve easily, or an old one to continue to persist.

In a perfect world all of our structures, inside and out, joints, bones, muscles, fascia, nerves, vessels, organs, ligaments, tendons and skin should have the ability to move freely when we move our bodies. These systems work in together, perfectly synchronized to do everything our body needs.

This allows for less tension and strain, improved circulation and fluid flow, improved shock absorption throughout your body, and easier, overall more efficient motion of your body.

Every BODY is unique in it’s history and composition. Everybody has a story…everybody’s body has a story.

We begin with detailed history taking and discussion of your symptoms and concerns. We observe and feel your posture and movement, in which areas of dysfunction and compensation are immediately identified. Hands-on evaluation further determines the exact structures and their specific limitations which need to be treated.

Specific and very precise manual therapy techniques “free up” these limitations in your body, allowing for improved functioning. Retraining of the neuromuscular system and teaching you healthy, efficient movement, again through hands-on facilitation, is critical to maintaining the improvements in motion and preventing further injury.

Our philosophy enables us to treat complex chronic pain to ankle sprains and everything in between.