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The solution to pain does

Get back to doing the things you love to do... and do them even better!


Part detective, part anatomy nerd with a keen eye for subtleties in movement and precision in my hands, I love helping you determine why you’re having pain and what we need to do about it. I never stop asking the question “why”…

”Why do you hurt?”

“Why is this always tight?”

“Why does this compensation occur?”

There is always a reason. And I will help you find it.

I take a very different, eclectic approach to treating pain by promoting healthy, efficient movement throughout the body. It begins with knowing what exactly to treat. Often the area of pain is not the primary problem area. We accumulate injuries and insults throughout our lifetime and often these older, non painful injuries still lurk in the system and create new problems elsewhere in the body as we adapt and accommodate. I utilized a variety of precise, hands-on techniques using your movement to free up restrictions and retrain your body how to move more efficiently.

A healthy, efficiently working body is subject to less mechanical stress and strain, improved blood flow, improved shock absorption, improved strength, decreased risk of injury and overall and overall improved vitality of the entire body.