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We strive to solve both simple and complex pain problems and improve your quality of life and athletic performance through:

Overuse injury problem solving and prevention: Get to the bottom of your symptoms and let us evaluate injuries and problem areas. Is pain interfering with your training and workouts? Rest is helpful, but alone it does not solve the problem of why you are having pain.

We look at the biomechanics of your body in all of your sports and activities: We will analyze your specific movements and activities to determine primary causes of overuse and joints that have lost efficient, healthy mobility.

Sports performance enhancement: Use your strength for improving your speed and endurance, rather than working against against joints with poor mechanics. Our hands-on treatment sessions immediately improves your mobility and muscular efficiency.

Quicker injury recovery/rehab: Recent injury? If you've had a bike wreck, ankle sprain or other athletic injury, Whole Body will help you recover and get back out there at full speed. Muscles recover much more quickly when their underlying joints are working correctly.

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