It’s about problem solving with precision…

So very often, the area of your pain is NOT so much a cause, but a resultant effect of other dysfunctions occurring in your body.

Each trauma, each injury, each illness you accumulate over a lifetime leaves a residual lack of subtle motion within your body. While your body adapts to these changes and creates compensatory strategies to keep you going, this is often at the expense of the health of another structure or system.

Specialized training in anatomy, movement, and systems (musculoskeletal, visceral, neural, endocrine, circulatory) and to facilitating their health through manual therapy enable me to quickly identify and treat dysfunctions to help you with your toughest pain and wellness challenges. Most patients experience better movement and a decrease in symptoms after their first visit.

Restore your body, restore your life.

When I first came to Jen, I came with an undiagnosed foot injury after recently increasing running mileage. I was training for a half marathon and with the pain I was experiencing thought I would have to give up running altogether, let alone the race itself. I had tried resting my foot, stretching it, strengthening surrounding muscles, and nothing seemed to work. Within 2 visits, Jen made an impact on my pain and my running performance. Within 6 visits, my pain was almost gone. I often felt as though she had a ‘magic wand’ as she consistently found the source of my pain and was able to adjust my body mechanics in what felt like miraculous ways! I would recommend Jen to anyone. Not only was able to run my race just 6 weeks after starting with Jen, but I was surprised how good I felt running 13.1 miles after very little training. Jen was not only able to decrease the pain in my foot, but was able to identify other issues with my knees, pelvis and abdomen—which I had no idea was impacting my foot pain. I am so excited to continue doing what I love and am thankful to have found a PT who not only knows the human body well, but is able to make a difference in its movement and pain in such a short period of time.