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Hands down Jen stands out as one of the top PT's I have ever met. We did all our work while I was on the home trainer, going from on the bike to the table, making adjustments and assessing back on the bike. It was incredible to feel the work so immediately and be able to give such direct feedback. Thank you Jen, I’d have to say the work we did has really helped me out. Getting that tibia back to normal has really straightened me out and helped with power transfer.
—Lucas Euser - Professional Cyclist
United Healthcare Pro Cycling

Jen is an excellent therapist with a great intuitive understanding of body mechanics. I just went for a pain free run for the first time in several months!
—Pat Miller

Walked around the zoo ALL MORNING and had ZERO swelling in my knee. Thank you.

Hey Jen! In the last few days my hamstrings have felt so much better and my hips, too, everything. Thanks for your all of your help!!
—SH, retired professional cyclist

When I first came to Jen, I came with an undiagnosed foot injury after recently increasing running mileage. I was training for a half marathon and with the pain I was experiencing thought I would have to give up running altogether, let alone the race itself. I had tried resting my foot, stretching it, strengthening surrounding muscles, and nothing seemed to work.
Within 2 visits, Jen made an impact on my pain and my running performance. Within 6 visits, my pain was almost gone. I often felt as though she had a ‘magic wand’ as she consistently found the source of my pain and was able to adjust my body mechanics in what felt like miraculous ways! I would recommend Jen to anyone. Not only was able to run my race just 6 weeks after starting with Jen, but I was surprised how good I felt running 13.1 miles after very little training. Jen was not only able to decrease the pain in my foot, but was able to identify other issues with my knees, pelvis and abdomen—which I had no idea was impacting my foot pain. I am so excited to continue doing what I love and am thankful to have found a PT who not only knows the human body well, but is able to make a difference in its movement and pain in such a short period of time.
—Amanda, OT

A few days before surgery to repair my almost fully torn rotator cuff, Jen worked on my shoulder and arm. She was incredibly gentle and she told me that making sure everything was in the proper place would help me with what was sure to be a tough recovery. I breezed through surgery and, despite hearing every rotator cuff horror recovery story from friends and acquaintances, made it out of physical therapy in record time. I never experienced any pain after surgery and have perfect mobility now that I'm fully recovered. I am so grateful for Jen making a situation, that could have been really painful and difficult, as easy as pie.
—Dave K.

The PT you guys showed me helped me release pain on my left hips and left IT band specifically, I had trouble with my knee bend because the hip seemed to be stock, so the execerises you showed me helped release that tension and enable the hip to felx properly, this obviously reflects on my bike position and fitting, since my knee does a better rotation and IT band pain reduced amazingly! I am so happy with what professionals can do to help us, this tips and tricks for sure make me a better cyclist!
—Ingrid Drexel, Professional Cyclist, Team TIBCO-Silcon Valley National Bank, 2017 Mexican National Champion

I have always been an athlete. I am an avid runner, triathlete, and downhill skier. While playing basketball, I had a bad sprain of my ankle, which put me in a boot for 3 months. I found this injury both difficult physically and emotionally; being unable to work out made me feel out of shape and increased feelings of stress. Jen’s rehabbing my ankle and also my back and hip (since I had over-compensated my movement when I was in the boot) was amazing!!! I have returned to my triathlon speed of 10 year ago and have just completed my 60th half-marathon. With Jen’s combination of physical manipulation, exercise instruction, and videotaping track workouts to give feedback and gain body awareness, I plan to complete 100 half-marathons pain-free!!
—Julie Anne Laser, MSW, LCSW, PhD

Jen is the reason that I am able to do my job, enjoy the mountains, walk my dogs and just sit down comfortably. My back was a mess. At this rate, I'll be able to snowboard next year despite 2 herniated discs and a broken piece of spine lodged in my sciatic nerve canal. THAT is impressive.
—AJ, Personal Trainer

One luckless day, I injured my tailbone. Tried rest, cortisone injections, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories, cold laser therapy etc.After a year of no improvement, I had my coccyx surgically removed. Another year went by with minimal improvement.  Enter Jen Shepherd. Jen reviewed my history, and without second guessing any previous treatments or decisions, embraced my problems, and focused on solving them. Along the way, she was careful not to overlook any of the feedback I gave her, and always gave me the benefit of the doubt.  Within two months, she had eliminated 75 percent of the relentless wretched evil dragon of pain that had tormented me for two and a half years. After four months, the pain is all but gone with things continuing to improve. Systematic excellence combined with a heaping helping of thoughtfulness, Jen Shepherd brings it! Forever grateful to the dragonslayer!

Hi Jen!  Just had to share that I have had no pain; YES THAT'S NO PAIN  in my left shoulder, arm, hand, or fingers, since our second appointment. This is such deliciously beautiful relief and the first time since last October I have awakened each morning and continued my days with  no pain and discomfort.......... Right side sciatica appears to have stopped as well!!!!  I feel so fortunate to have located you, your bubbly personality, curious exploration and interesting teaching commentary is a delight.

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