Remote Treatment Now Available

My work with every single patient always begins with my ears as I listen to your story and my eyes as I watch you move. There is SO much I can help you with remotely until we can add my hands-on work. Online booking now available!

It’s about problem solving with precision…

So very often, the area of your pain is NOT so much a cause, but a resultant effect of other dysfunctions occurring in your body.

Each trauma, each injury, each illness you accumulate over a lifetime leaves a residual lack of subtle motion within your body. While your body adapts to these changes and creates compensatory strategies to keep you going, this is often at the expense of the health of another structure or system.

Specialized training in anatomy, movement, and systems (musculoskeletal, visceral, neural, endocrine, circulatory) and to facilitating their health through manual therapy enable me to quickly identify and treat dysfunctions to help you with your toughest pain and wellness challenges. Most patients experience better movement and a decrease in symptoms after their first visit.

Restore your body, restore your life.

Success Stories

Hi Jen! Just had to share that I have had no pain; YES THAT’S NO PAIN in my left shoulder, arm, hand, or fingers, since our second appointment. This is such deliciously beautiful relief and the first time since last October I have awakened each morning and continued my days with no pain and discomfort………. Right side sciatica appears to have stopped as well!!!! I feel so fortunate to have located you, your bubbly personality, curious exploration and interesting teaching commentary is a deligh…